How to Choose an Energy Solution That's Right for Your Small Business

At Constellation we know that small business owners have unique challenges. The pool of dollars for unexpected costs is often smaller than large corporations. Having a dependable energy provider — and the right kind of energy for a particular business — can make the difference in your profit margin.

Withsmall business energy deregulation, customers in some states are now able to compare their energy options and select the plan and provider that best accommodates their specific needs. There are several factors to take into account whenchoosing an energy plan for your small business, and the same is true when choosing an energy supplier. When looking for a small business gas or electric provider, it’s important to consider things like:

  1. Service areas covered.Start by determining whether the energy supplier currentlyoffers services in your area.

  2. Reputation of the energy supplier.Research the energy supplier’s history, reputation, and customer reviews to ensure they’re credible and reliable.

  3. Experience with your industry.Ensure the small business energy provider understands your industry and has experience working within it.

  4. Plan types and rates offered.Review the plan types, energy rates, and contract terms that are being offered, including the contract length.

  5. Types of energy solutions offered.See which types of energy are available to small businesses, such aselectricity options,natural gas solutions, and renewable energy.

  6. Customer service and support.Find out when customer service will be available, how to contact them, and whether any fees will be associated.

We're Here to Help You

The best way to determine which energy resource works best for your company is to speak to an expert. You canview pricing onlineor call 855-585-3935 to speak to one of our small business representatives, and we’ll help you select the small business energy solution that is right for you.

Energy Resources for Small Businesses

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